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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Partners for February HAPPY MAIL SWAP

Debi Van Deraa
Partner: Kimberly Barton

Kimberly Barton
Partner: Debi Van Deraa

Lisa Johnson
Partner: Julie Simpson

Julie Simpson
Partner: Lisa Johnson

Sharon Hass
Partner: Cathy Wienke

Cathy Wienke
Partner: Sharon Hass

I will be emailing you all each other's email addresses, and will try to match you up on our Facebook page too.  I usually send group messages out to find out if you have sent/received if you haven't posted by the deadline.
Here are the swap details:

Date items must be sent by: Feb. 28, 2015

Description: This is a simple swap that hopefully brings some happiness to your mailbox.  I am hoping to be able to run it each month if it remains popular.

 This one is a little different. You will send your partner 3 items that you think would make them smile, with a nice letter (at least 2 sides of paper). After you receive your partner's name & email, email your partner RIGHT AWAY to find out some of their likes/dislikes.
And remember to send them your address and list of likes/dislikes too.
Some ideas: stickers, a blank postcard, a blank greeting card with envie, anything!
As long as it is nice quality and generous (please don't send mini stickers, reward stickers, teeny tiny stuff...)  Or if they have an obsession with pens.. send a nice pen... It doesn't have to be much, and you don't have to go shopping, but try to make someone's day!

Swap requirements: Please, no flakers, if you think you won't be able to send on time or meet the requirements, don't sign up.
We want HAPPY MAIL and swappers ONLY on Swappermania!

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