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Monday, February 23, 2015


Hello everybody!  (Said in my Stampycat voice)... my kids have been watching Minecraft videos on YouTube lately, and if you have boys, you probably know who Stampy is... lol.
I heard he has a degree in video production.  Maybe he could help me.... I am having problems finding time to learn how to piece my video together from my iPhone onto this Movie Maker program.  I have Windows 8 now.  Yeah.  Yikes.

So that's what I'll be doing today, in addition to laundry and taking care of the family/household of course.  TRYING to learn more technical stuff.  I am a techie geek so it bothers me when it takes me this long to learn something or not be able to figure it out at all.

I don't have a Fun Mail Saturday video to do this week, I didn't get any fun mail at ALL this Saturday.  And now on Mondays, I am just combining and showing what I received the previous week (not including Saturday).

OK if you are still following and reading this, thanks for sticking with me.  And wish me luck on learning some technical video editing "stuff" today.
I'll keep you updated.


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