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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fun Mail Saturday 2/7/15

I think I'm liking this new format for my blog. My plan is, each Saturday I will be showing some of the fun mail I got that day  here on my blog.  And on Mondays, I will do a MAIL CALL MONDAY video on my YouTube channel, showing more of the fun mail I've received that previous week. I just love getting a mailbox full of HAPPY MAIL!  Happy happy happy!

Also, make sure to check out our monthly Happy Mail swap!  ( CLICK HERE ) for info.

(NOTE: Feb. swap sign-ups are closed. Check back on March 1st for the new swaps.)

I have received lots of fun mail over the years and years I've been swapping.  I have to walk down a long driveway in cold, snow, icy weather, to get to my mailbox. It's dangerous. I could break a leg.  When I don't get mail, I want to cry. (Ever walk on ice in 20 below zero to your mailbox?  Not fun.)
I wanted to share some of the cute envelopes and mail I received.
Thank you so much to everybody that sends me mail!  It is VERY much appreciated.

I do send Happy Mail swaps in return for the swaps I've set up ahead of time. 
If you send a RAK (Random Act of Kindness), I try to send back if time/money allows.  

Here are some of the fun envelopes of goodies I've received recently:
(Addresses are either blurred out or covered with sticky notes in all my photos and videos.)

From Lucy Letson via Make-a-wish-rak facebook group:

From Melissa (Listia auction items I won):

I wanted to mention I don't post everything I receive (who really wants to see all the junk mail), only the really cute envelopes and fun artsy and pen-pal related mail. 
So if you want to be on my blog, send me some happy mail, and decorate the envie.
(Contact me privately for my address I don't give it out online, I don't pay for a PO Box when I have such a gigantic mailbox.)

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