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Saturday, September 3, 2016


Really? Is it really September already? Am I the only one that thinks this summer really flew by too quickly? Fall comes a bit early to us up here in the northland. The trees are already starting to change colors and the nights are getting much cooler. I had to turn on the electric heater the other night... hubby says it's too early to start up the furnace...lol.(not for me!)

Last month I had a nasty fall, thanks in part to wet grass and a dog on the other end of my leash taking off after some small critter. I ended up in the ER and after Xrays, found out I have a compressed disc. It was very painful, and I might still need physical therapy to help relieve some of the pain, as I wanted to limit the prescription paid meds to very minimal (as I DO take care of 2 kids all day), and could really only take them at night.

This is our final weekend of summer vacation. My oldest son started football already (his first year playing), and only has 1 game left after today. Fine with me, I really don't want to sit out on a cold field if I don't have to!  I don't envy hockey parents at ALL... wouldn't want to sit in a cold arena. I get enough cold weather as it is.  My youngest son just turned 6 (Aug. 31) and has now lost BOTH front teeth, and one bottom front tooth. I told him we should paint him orange for Halloween this year and he can be a Jack-O-Lantern :)  We had a nice family visit from my mom (AKA SuperGrandma) a few weekends this summer (Dad can't stay due to asthma) and now are gearing up for back to school. This means lots of medical forms for me (due to allergies, asthma, and my youngest son's Diabetes Type 1). New teachers, new classrooms, new friends, new schedule. It will take a couple weeks for us probably to get into the swing of things. In that time, please pray for my sanity and that I will have good enough health to get back into my craft room and also get my new business up and going (more on that later).

I want to keep doing Happy Mail videos on YouTube, but didn't get much Happy Mail this summer. I have joined 2 new groups on Facebook where we do contests and have fun little giveaways, and got some fun mail from those. I am on a wish group on Facebook (Wishes Galore) where we wish for small things and grant other peoples' wishes. I am still trying to get caught up on sending stuff out for that group, and have received some nice things from people on there.
I also buy/sell on a fun site called Listia (kind of like eBay but you use credits instead of money).

As for swapping and palling... I have quit swapping friendship books, but still swap everything else (label/sticker/goodie/memo bags, slams, decos, exchange slips, postcards, stickers, etc.). No new pals for me at this time. I just can't keep up with writing, and feel bad when it takes me months to get back to people. It's just easier for me to keep up with people on Facebook.  (Not on Facebook? Well why not? lol) 

Want to exchange happy mail? Find my info here.

Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things again this Fall :)