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Thursday, July 27, 2017

UPDATE: July 2017


Hello all you pallers and crafters out there! I am baaaaack. Sorry for the LONG time of not updating my blog. Does anybody really even read blogs anymore? I think more people like to watch videos now. So I got a NEW WEBCAM and as soon as my craft room is a little cleaner and I have the kids back to school and it's a little quieter around here, I can do more videos.... yaaaaay!

I had a crazy summer so far. It's been cooler up north here this year. We needed to turn the space heaters on right before the 4th of July!  Now it's 80 and it feels HOT!  LOL.  (*The humidity is high up here.)  We don't have a/c, just ceiling fans. So we'll be hot for a week or 2, then it'll be Fall again... lol.
Soooo.... I had my BD on June 8 (got the webcam that I mentioned above). Then my youngest son got real sick from a stomach bug and ended up in the ER twice.  He has Type 1 Diabetes, so it just hit him harder.
Then this past week, my husband was in the hospital again. This time he had a mini stroke while at work. He only had to spend one night overnight, and now is back to work already. (What a guy, huh?)
Tomorrow we are having my oldest son's bday party sleepover. Having about 4-5 boys over to camp in the front yard. Might have a water balloon fight too. All that fun stuff. Wish me luck.  Ha.  He just turned 11 on July 18, and is already an inch taller than I am!  (Both boys got their dad's tall genes.)
My youngest turns 7 on Aug. 31.

So now I am just trying to keep my sanity until school starts again.... ha ha.  Summer really does seem like it's flying by. It always does around here though. We don't have very long summers weather wise. So I have been feeding the wildlife (chipmunks, birds, rabbits) and recently we saw a woodchuck and a BLACK BEAR in our back yard.  Yep, a bear. Yikes. Not something this city girl likes to see SO CLOSE to the house.

I am slowly trying to get caught up on mail. Sorry for taking so long as usual. I am the world's slowest pen pal & swapper, I swear. People probably gave up on me by now.  Sorry.  I just do what I can, when I can. Being a mom of a Type 1 Diabetic, and having hypo-thyroidism myself, it really zaps me of any remaining energy real quick.

Oh, and I got a PO Box awhile back.... so if you want to write or send me any Happy Mail, here's my addy.  Mention you saw my Blog please so I don't wonder where you found my address.

Take care & have a happy rest of the summer!


Barbi T.
PO Box 74
Barnum MN 55707