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Monday, December 31, 2018




I received a beautiful package of reciprocal happy mail from Teri S. THANK YOU!!!
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Saturday, August 18, 2018

VLOG - Come hang out with me

VLOG  - Come hang out with me  (Aug. 12, 2018)

I’m back!  Got another video finished finally, and another one will be coming soon….
Stop on by and visit with me for awhile.  


Monday, July 2, 2018

Update: Summer 2018 (So Far)

Hello friends!

I'm still here :) Still unpacking and trying to get my craft room in order. It's a slow process. Moving after living in one house almost 15 years is NO JOKE. It is starting to feel more like home here now, and I really hope we don't have to move again anytime soon.  Oh, and for those who are wondering, I am keeping my Barnum P.O. Box... so no new address change for my happy mail.  Just a new house address, which I don't use online anyways ;)

This summer so far, we took a trip to the Minnesota Zoo with family, and I took the kids to the local beach (lake) one day.... trying to get outdoors without spraying a THICK layer of bug spray has been difficult. The mosquitoes and ticks... ugh.

I am enjoying doing my gardening again. We even have a whole garden of roses on one side of our new house, and apple trees out in the front yard. I have planted snapdragons, zinnia, tomatoes, sweet peppers, peas, and green beans, and this year I'm trying cucumbers, and even watermelon out in the front yard. Keeping the bunnies and deer out of the vegetables has been successful (so far) with some natural oil spray.  We also have horses in a pasture across from our driveway, so I get to see them once in awhile, which totally THRILLS this former city girl :)

My mom has recently retired, so she is able to get up here to visit more often. And my older son has gone to the cabin with Grandpa Wayne a few times already this summer. My younger son (the one with Type 1 Diabetes) is loving the gaming life. He likes to play Fortnite, Terraria, and Roblox. I prefer the farming games (Happy Acres and Hay Day). Our internet here doesn't have the best broadband width (and no cell tower near us, so no 4G here). So we get online when we can. My internet time is usually late nights. Which works, because I usually stay up late to take care of my little guy :) I hope to be doing more Happy Mail and Crafting videos on YouTube soon. I can get on Periscope once in awhile to do my bible scopes, and am still unable to really get on LiveMe. It seems to use too much broadband for my little internet. 

Now I am going to try to clean off my table... my grandma gave me a new desk for my craft room. Just need to make room to get it in here. Hope you are having a great summer!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Do you #Periscope?

I love using Periscope! You can watch (and do your own) Live Feeds from around the world. In the past few months I did a "Scope" to say Hello to everyone, while I walked to my mailbox.

Watch me get my mail LIVE on Periscope, do bible studies, crafts, and just hop on to say hi... my screen name is @createdbybarbi (same as my Twitter & IG).

Get the free app here:  (Not sponsored, I just love it.)

Watch me on your device or by using the Firefox browser here:

Do you #Periscope? Comment below with your screen name and I'll gladly follow you.

Soothing Music

Fun Mail Saturday

What is Fun Mail Saturday? That sure grabbed your eye, didn't it?  ;)

I have been showing some of the fun mail I get during the week here on my blog.
But I am changing things a bit, and will now do a MAIL CALL MONDAY video on my YouTube channel.  I just love getting a mailbox full of HAPPY MAIL!  Happy happy happy!

I have received lots of fun mail over the years and years I've been swapping.  In the colder months, I have to walk down a long driveway in cold, snow, icy weather, to get to my mailbox. It's dangerous. I could break a leg.  When I don't get mail, I want to cry. (Ever walk on ice in 20 below zero to your mailbox?  Not fun.)  I finally opened my PO Box, so I can brush off the car, crank up the heater, and shiver all the way to the post office, just to check and see if I got anything :)  Is the guilt trip working yet?  Hee hee.
I wanted to share some of the cute envelopes and mail I received.
Thank you so much to everybody that sends me mail!  It is VERY much appreciated.

Here are some of the fun envelopes of goodies I have received:
(Addresses are either blurred out or covered with sticky notes in all my photos and videos.)

Siv Heidi Roterud in Norway

LOVE the stamps and decorated fat envie!


She returned a goodie bag that was made for me!

She visited the USA and had a few dollars leftover, so she is helping me with stamp money
so I can send her a nice package in return :)  Send money anytime! Please!  ;) 

Used stamps - worldwide - for my collection

Anke Hamm in Germany

(3) fun fat envies of excess goodies from
 Tammy Riley in VA (USA)

I wanted to mention I don't post everything I receive, only the really cute envelopes.
So if you want to be on my blog, send me some happy mail, and decorate the envie. Or include a note saying how you'd really like to be included in the blog, and I'll see what I can do (wink, wink).
Thank you!

Barbi T.
Swappermania Happy Mail
PO Box 74
Barnum, MN 55707


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