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Thursday, April 23, 2015

MAIL CALL Monday 04/13/15

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Monday Mail Call video on the way

I am working on editing my latest video, and will post the link to it soon on my YouTube channel. Check out here:  CreatedByBarbi's YouTube Channel

I am not doing anymore organized swaps here on this blog, as I had 4 members in Feb. and HALF of them didn't send on time, or didn't contact their partner to let them know they were sending, received, etc.  These are adults. And I know for a fact they were not new to swapping.  It's really NOT that hard, and I am not paid to be your babysitter. (I'm not paid to do this at ALL....) soooo..... I am NOT putting myself through all that stress when there are plenty other ways for you to find organized swaps (Swap-bot.com, Facebook groups, etc.)

I do still like to swap, but money is tight around here due to my husband's health issues (and mine, sick kids, car expenses, house expenses, etc.) We are a one-income household, with 2 kids and 3 pets, and the only money I get for postage is by selling my digital stationery, and stickers/stationery on eBay, Listia, and my Facebook Group: Stickers and Stationery For Sale.

I don't want items sitting around too long as sometimes I get a lot of items sent as excess and don't have money to pass them along right away. 

Instead, I joined some Happy Mail and Swap groups on Facebook, where you can just randomly choose someone to send happy mail, or set up a one-time swap. At least that way I can control better what I am swapping and know how much money I need for postage.  Budgeting is difficult when there's no money to budget.... sigh... ok so that's my (rant) for today...

I will still be showing my weekly Monday Mail Call videos, but sometimes they end up being bi-monthly as sometimes life just gets in the way and I don't get a video out every week.

Thank you SO much to everyone that sends Happy Mail my way, as it really DOES make me happy :) More than you know. 

If you would like my address, comment below.  And if you'd like to swap anything with me, post what you'd like to swap and where you are from.  If you live outside the US, I am sorry but I can't swap with you right now due to postage costs. 

Happy swapping!


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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fun Craft Projects

Fun Valentine Crafts

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