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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Snailmail Fun

I posted my newest video from yesterday... did you see it yet?


In it, I mention 2 groups I do swaps & send fun mail in.  Here are the links to them in case you want to check them out.

This first one is more for pen palling and exchanging different things in the mail. They do "tags" where you tag the person above you, and send them the item listed for that Tag Category. Then the person below you tags you, and sends to you. So you never get the same "swap partner" and you can get all sorts of fun snail mail.  You can also post if you are looking for a pen pal.

Wishes Galore
This is a group of a bunch of sarcastic ladies where you can jump into some fun conversation (warning: some adult language on there... lol) and once you get to know everyone, you can post a daily wishlist of small items you'd like to receive in the mail. Then people can grant your wish, and you can grant other people's wishes and send them items off their wishlists.

Tell them Barbi sent you if you join :)  (No I don't get anything for referrals... just want to know how many people actually check them out from reading this blog.)

And of course, I always welcome fun snail mail/ friend mail/ happy mail :)  Thank you!

Send to:
Barbi Tvrdik/swappermania
PO Box 74
Barnum MN 55707

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