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Monday, November 20, 2017

Swap Etiquette and Guidelines

Participant Guidelines

1. Read the swap information.  Make sure you understand the specifics of the swap.  Contact the host directly to sign up or with any questions or concerns. If the swap host doesn't reply within 2-3 days, send another email.  Email problems happen! Don't sign up unless you plan to complete the swap.  If a participant has to withdraw from the swap, inform the host as soon as possible.

2. Make a reminder of the due date.

3.  Start early if at all possible.

4.  Notify the host (or post in Comments) when you have sent and received the swap item(s).  Contact the host directly with any questions or concerns.  The host email address is listed with each swap description. 

5.  Respect the due date.  Make every effort to get the swap items completed in a timely manner.

6.  If a question or concern is not being addressed by the swap host, contact the blog moderator.  If a swap participant perceives that t/*here is a problem with the swap, please forward all email communication regarding the problem to the moderator. If you keep us in the loop, we will do all we can to help.

7.  For handmade swaps... remember to only send handmade items that you are proud of, don't send junk!
    Always put forth your best effort!  Do not send flimsy, plain paper weight ATCs.  ATC's are trading cards.  They must be sturdy.  Please refer to the ATC basics files for any general questions about ATCs.  Follow the swap specifics in terms of what type of ATC is accepted for each swap.  If the host asks for originals only, do not send copies.

8. Please ensure your envelopes are suitable to protect your swap items in the postal system.  It's always advisable to enclose them in some sort of a plastic bag.  If the items are fragile, use some sort of a padded envelope.

9.  Art of a political nature is not acceptable on this blog. This blog is not about politics! 

10. Please include contact information on the back of each ATC submitted for a swap, or on a separate slip for other swaps. This contact information should at least include an email address!!

 General Swap Guidelines (Mainly for Hosts)

1.  All swaps must be approved by a moderator.  Contact the moderator
at swappermania @ yahoo.com(take spaces out) to request swap approval. 
Please do not be alarmed if the moderators do not
immediately respond to your swap request. 
It may takes us a day or two at times to get back to you.

2.  Before one may be approved to host a
swap, the moderators must have contact information including NAME,

3.  Swap hosts are limited to TWO SWAPS at a one time. This means
if a swap host has two swaps posted in the swap database,
additional swaps will not be approved.  New or first-time swap
hosts on the Swappermania blog are limited to one
swap.  After the first swap closes with no problems, the formerly
new swap hosts may host two swaps at the same time. 

4.  There are certain exceptions to the two swap limit.
These include situations in which a host is running a related
series of swaps OR when a swap host has proven her/himself to
be of standard that the moderators feel this host is capable
of handling a greater swap load.  The series exception does not
mean that a swap host may post two other swaps in addition
to the series.  This means that a swap host may, for example,
have the swap descriptions for a series of related swaps
for the months of June, July and August posted.
These decisions are solely at the discretion of the moderator.

5.  Swappers may be swap hosts after participating in at
least 2 swaps from start to finish; in other words complete two
organized swaps on the blog.

6.  All swaps are posted in the left hand column.  The swap host
must send the moderator the swap details.  The moderator
will enter the swap information on the blog.

7.  Cross-posted swaps are *not allowed*.  Swaps may only be posted
on the Swappermania blog and nowhere else.  (This is on the honor system.)
Any crossposted swaps or swaps posted without approval will be deleted.

8.  We have these guidelines to ensure a safe trading environment.

9.  Art of a political nature is not acceptable on this blog. This blog is not about politics! 

 Host Guidelines:

1. Provide specific swap details to include:
 a.  Theme - Be specific. 
 b.  Number and Type of items - 1 for 1 swap, 3 for 3 swap, or 5 for 4 swap,
 for example for numbers. Please state clearly what type of items/ATC's are accepted. 
 For example, originals only, copies, embellished copies, digital, photographs, fabric and so on. 
 For FBs, specify regular, n&n (nice & neat), or HQ (high quality).
 c.  Email address for contact - Provide the host email address
 so that participants may contact the host with any concerns
 or questions.
 d.  Sign up date - This is the cut-off date for
        participation in the swap.
 e.   Date you will post partners.
 f.  Due date - This is a mailing cut off date.
 g.  Flakers - Please make it clear what the host will do about flakers/missing swaps (will you "angel" or make them up?)

2.  As each participant emails or comments to sign up, the swap host should acknowledge that the participant is included in the swap with a return email.

3. Each host should keep a list of the swap participants name and email addresses. Use the list of participants for swap updates.  If there is a problem with a swap participant, contact this person directly.

4. Send periodic swap updates to your swap participants. Include whose items have been sent/received, a reminder of the swap deadline, along with a link to this blog in each email you send out.

6. For ease of contacting the group of swap participants, swap hosts may want to consider creating a mailing or distribution list in their email client.  Each email client is different.  Please consult your email client for instructions.

9. It is the responsibility of the swap host to ensure that all swappers items conform to the swap rules.   If a swap host needs guidance, a moderator should be contacted.

10. If there is a problem with the swap, all email communication regarding the problems should be forwarded to the moderators.  Keep us in the loop, so that we can help if at all possible.

11. Communication is the key to a successful swap!

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