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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Swap Instructions and Contact Details

CONTACT ME: Send an email with the subject line "Swappermania" to swappermania@yahoo.com.

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My Auctions:


Check out our Facebook Event Page:

To sign up for swaps, check the individual swap pages. Each one has a link to a Sign Up Form. I will email you to let you know you are signed up.

Please send your swaps with the correct postage. Please make sure they are sent on or before the deadline.  Late swaps... please just communicate with the hostess or swap partner if you are going to be late.  Life does happen, I totally understand!  Just please keep in touch and let us know what's going on!

Postage safety
You may like to send your swaps in a padded envelope for ultimate safety.  For ATCs, you could also send them in a piece of folded card or bubble wrap to protect them . As ATCs are the same size as a credit card, another suggestion would be to write "handmade card, handle with care" on the top left hand corner of your envelope - this does seem to deter them being "opened" or becoming lost.  Also, make sure to tape up your envelopes around the edges.  Sometimes those postal machines are rough and like to grab untaped corners and rip them open.

International Swappers
Please click HERE for a note just for you :)

General Notes - the boring bit!

For swaps that require return postage...
Please make sure to include the return envelope and postage.  If you don't include postage, I will email you and request for you to send the postage before I will send out my end.

If you wish to pay for your return postage via PayPal, that is fine too. Just let me know that when you sign up, or when you send your end.

Please ensure the return envelope is sufficient for the safe return of your swaps.

We cannot be held responsible for any swaps that are not delivered to us or yourself or any that are lost in the post. It is your responsibility to ensure adequate postage is paid for the sending and receiving of your swaps.

Apologies for all the boring bits above, hopefully if everyone can follow these few rules, we'll all have a hassle-free fun time swapping!!

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