Welcome to Swappermania!

Friday, January 1, 2016


Welcome to the Swappermania Blog!

Swaps on this blog are intended for ages 18 and above.

PLEASE read thru this entire post...

We are a fun loving group of crafters & artists, from all walks
of life and various backgrounds.

Our goal is to have a place to swap with others and
just have a lot of fun in general. 

We encourage discussions regarding the swaps and the different
techniques associated with them.

If you are looking for a venue to sell ATC's or ACEO's, this
group is NOT a venue for sales.  We are a trading group only.

ATC related information and other fun websites can be found in our LINKS section.
If you have a favorite site that is arts & crafts or swap related please post it to our links.

If you post a link to your photos, or post a photo on our Facebook page,
it is agreed that you do not object to us showcasing your art on our homepage.

Interested in hosting a swap?
ALL swaps MUST be pre-approved and registered by the moderator at:
Phone numbers are needed to confirm that
we have a way to contact you, other then by computer, in
case of emergency. Your privacy will be respected and the
owner of this blog will be the only one to see your
infomation. This is to provide the safest possible
environment for all swaps hosted on this blog.

Swaps *must* stay within this blog. No cross posting of
swaps to other groups/blogs is allowed.

Upon joining swaps here, you agree that the owners of
this blog are not responsible for the conduct
of any member who hosts a swap. In the event that a
swap is mishandled by another member other than the
blog owners, it is agreed that the blog owners will
be held harmless for any and all claims, including,
but not limited to lost or damaged artwork and any
possible copyright violations. The blog owners
assume no repsonsibility for how a swap host handles
the items received for a swap, and will be held
harmless for any and all claims resulting from
handling or reproduction of swap items.

Thank you for joining our swap family, and we look
forward to seeing your art!

Happy swapping!

Barbi T. & the Swappermania family

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