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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Current News - 2015




MAY 2015

Hi everyone! I have been busy shooting and editing my mail call videos and am almost completely caught up. Please take a look at my newest 3 from the end of Apr - May 18.  And don't forget to Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven't yet. I will be doing more mail/swapper videos soon, and will also be branching out and doing more art & crafty type videos soon too.

APRIL 2015

I am taking this blog into a new direction... no more organized swaps.  I will only be doing personal happy mail, personal swaps, and showing my Monday Mail Call videos.   Sorry, too many people didn't follow through with the organized swaps and I just don't have the time to babysit adults.

MARCH 2015

No swaps this month, as we are still trying to track down Feb swaps... sigh...


I had 4 people sign up for the Happy Mail swap in January, and nobody signed up for the friendship book swap... so I think we'll just stick to doing a Happy Mail swap again in February.  I tried to contact everyone on Facebook to give you your partner's name, and then you contacted each other to exchange addresses... I hope everyone has sent their January swaps out.  If not, please send these out this week, so we can wrap things up for Jan.  Now for this month, I am going to be posting more of the fun mail I receive, and we'll do another Happy Swap.  I can't do too many swaps yet as we just don't have the number of people participating that I need to do more than one.

Happy Swapping!

January 2015
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12:05 AM Jan 3, 2015:  Hi everyone!  I am so sorry I fell behind on this blog last year. My husband had a stroke in May, was in hospital for 2 weeks, then recovery. Then this Fall the kids have been sick with mono and strep (my youngest had strep 3 times!) -- so my family was my main priority, which I am sure you all can understand.  I hope to get back into this blog again this year and do some more swapping.

I also want to do some posts on here showing some of the cool swaps I get from time to time. I have lots of great swappers I met on Facebook, and from friendship books, etc.  So I just want to share this fun hobby of mine.  Would love to hear feedback on some of the changes I'm doing here on the blog! Post comments below, or find our Facebook Event page and you can contact me on there :)  -- link is in upper left of main blog page.

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