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Thursday, April 18, 2013

APRIL STICKERS - Send 30 misc. stickers

This is a 30 for 30 swap. 
 You send 30, you get 30 different stickers in return. Simple :)  

Types of stickers permitted:

Please only send nice, cute stickers that you would like to receive. You can include a "wishlist" of the kinds of stickers you would like in return (themes, etc.) but you are NOT guaranteed to receive them. This is sender's choice, so it's completely random.

For sticker flakes, 2 count as 1 full-size sticker.

Absolutely NO mini or reward stickers (Good Job, etc.). Also no homemade stickers. If you send these, I'll email and remind you that they are unacceptable, and will send them back to you.

NO RETURN POSTAGE or return envelope is required for this swap :)
(Of course donations of stamps & cash are always welcome!)

Please include your name and address on a large label or piece of paper. 

Hostess name:  Barbi T.

Sign up for this month's swaps here:

Sign up by 4/27, send items by 4/30.

Items postmarked after 4/30 will be marked REFUSED - RETURNED TO SENDER. I am not responsible for lost/late mail.

How it works:  Everyone sends to me.  Once all items are received, I will send a return swap from everyone that joined.  I will email everyone to let you know that they are being mailed back out, so you will know when to expect them.  Remember that this is an International swap, so swaps will take a bit longer to get where they need to go.... please be patient and kind, and make this a happy swapping experience for everyone :)

Questions cheerfully answered (post below in comments with any questions). Happy swapping :)

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