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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NOV Misc. - Christmas Card (Int'l)

Can you believe Christmas is already almost here?  Wow, time flies.... 
I personally love celebrating Christmas. Faith, Family, Friends, Giving & Sharing.... and of course, the birth of Jesus!
If you are not Christian, and would prefer a non-religious card in return, please state that either when you sign up, or when you send your card.

Store-bought or homemade... write a little greeting inside and sign it, put it into the envelope, and write "To My Swapper" on the outside. Include your return address if you wish.  Please don't seal the envelope, just tuck it inside. 
If sending a card in another language besides English, please include a little note with translation.

Must send cash or stamps to cover return postage.
   In USA, the same amount it cost you to mail it to me. (Should only be one stamp.)
   Outside USA? CLICK HERE for details on return postage.

Since cards come in all shapes and sizes, no return envelope is necessary. I have plenty to spare :)

Please include your name and address on a large label or piece of paper.

Questions cheerfully answered. Happy swapping :)

Hostess name:  Barbi T.

Hostess email (to sign-up, questions, etc.):
Put "Swappermania Signup" in Subject Line.

Sign up by Nov. 18, send card by Nov. 30.

Items postmarked after Nov. 30 will be marked REFUSED - RETURNED TO SENDER. I am not responsible for lost/late mail.

Once all cards are received, I will email everyone to let you know that they are being mailed back out, so you will know when to expect them.  Remember that this is an International swap, so swaps will take a bit longer to get where they need to go.... please be patient and kind, and make this a happy swapping experience for everyone :)

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