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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NOV FBs - 5 n&n Mermaid Theme FBs (New/Est)

For this swap you will be sending 5 nice & neat FBs... must have a mermaid theme on the cover.  Try to make sure she has a top on :) You can send new or established, the choice is yours.

Must include a return envelope.

Please include your name and address on a large label or piece of paper.

Must send cash or stamps to cover return postage.
   In USA, the same amount it cost you to mail it to me.
   Outside USA? CLICK HERE for details on return postage.

Questions cheerfully answered. Happy swapping :)

Hostess name:  Barbi T.

Hostess email (to sign-up, questions, etc.):
Put "Swappermania Signup" in Subject Line.

Sign up by Nov. 18, send items by Nov. 30.

Items postmarked after Nov. 30 will be marked REFUSED - RETURNED TO SENDER. I am not responsible for lost/late mail.

Once all items are received, I will email everyone to let you know that they are being mailed back out, so you will know when to expect them.  Remember that this is an International swap, so swaps will take a bit longer to get where they need to go.... please be patient and kind, and make this a happy swapping experience for everyone :)

Details on N&N FBs:

Friendship books must be neat, not just a bunch of pieces of paper strewn together. They cannot be slams, friendship sheets or crams.

What is a FB?
Here are some links that should help:

What is a N&N FB? 

N&N FB = Nice & Neat Friendship Book


Guidelines for N&N FB swaps on this blog:

1. There will be NO staples in the front cover.
2. The FB should be laminated with packing tape, shelf liner, or laminating sheets.
3. Lamination should be done neatly.
4. Embellishments should be added to the cover. Embellishments include glitter, stickers, foil borders, sequins, ribbon, a nice background, cloth flowers. You can also do something fancy with pictures. Basically just a picture covered with lamination isn't a N&N FB.
5. Addresses should be printed legibly or typed.
6. Make it nice AND neat. Ask yourself whether you are proud of your work or not.
7. For established N&N FBs, please make sure your partner hasn't previously signed it.

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